That was so great though.  And I’m glad Danny was just not having any of the Doctor’s shit.


IN THE FLESH AUWhen Clint dies in a simple car crash, SHIELD looses one of their best assets. After the Rising though, they find him suffering from the Partially Deceased Syndrome and bring him in, trying to reacquire his expertise. Living as a PDS sufferer is a burden to Clint, who has missed the world changing: The Mandarin, London, SHIELD’s collapse… The world has moved on without him.

I was a killer, was the best they’d ever seen
I’d steal your heart before you ever heard a thing
I’m an assassin and I had a job to do

Sherlock AU - Molly Hooper, master assassin.  (because Molly as a secret assassin is something I need to see more of.)

"I’m sorry Sherlock.  I really am."  The woman known until 30 minutes ago as Molly Hooper stood over the consulting detective.  A hand reached out to brush a stray curl away from his face, the beeping of the heart monitor beside his bed picking up momentarily.

"You’ve gotten too close to knowing everything.  My fault, I know."  The briefest of smiles flitted across the assassins face.  "But I can’t let this continue.  I thought a bullet would have been enough.  I can’t have any loose ends, Sherlock."

The former Molly Hooper took one last look at the face that, had she not been who and what she was, she could have let herself love.  Pressing a kiss to his forehead she carried out her task, the beeping of the heart monitor slowing to a continues flat tone.

A - Z of In The Flesh:

Human Volunteer Force.

Roarton’s sacrifice will never be forgotten.