I’d like to thank my uterus for making my first day back at college so fucking eventful.  and by thank, I do not mean thank at all.

What happened in Budapest.  (because secretly married!Clintasha gives me life.)

When a mission goes wrong and almost costs them both of their lives, Nat and Clint decide that some chances just have to be taken.  The wedding is simple and impulsive, a stolen dress (which Natasha would return later) and no rings.  A cleaning lady and her son - neither of whom speak more than a few words of English - serve as their witnesses.  Both assassins thank whatever lucky stars they have that no one is trying to shoot at them.

uh can I just wrap Clara and the Doctor up in a duvet and keep them safe forever because I do not think this series is going to end well for either of them and they are my babies and should be protected at all costs.

Halloween icon time lol it’s a Doctor Who / In The Flesh crossover.  River as a PDS sufferer.

So tomorrow is the first proper day of my week off college.  I could spend it getting the essay’s done that I’ve got due for next week.  But fuck that.  Tomorrow shall be known as Marvel movie marathon day.  yes.