so it’s the hottest day of the year for the little bit of Scotland where I live

and of course I thought it was a good idea to walk to my brother’s house and back in the sweltering heat hahaHAHAHA



dude from Il Divo “you’re the best crowd here”

  1. They’re the only crowd there
  2. you’re a fucking liar

got that shitty concert back on because Culture Club

jfc mum put that Edinburgh castle concert thing on that’s on bbc 1 and I just

  • they’re in Edinburgh, celebrating the commonwealth games that’ll be in Glasgow???  could they not have held the concert at the new Hydro or???
  • it’s in Scotland but there’s no Scottish acts on???
  • there are 85340495843 brilliant Scottish presenters but they’ve got Alex Jones presenting???
  • who the fuck thought an open air concert in Scotland was a good idea???? have they never seen our weather??
  • lol Rizzle Kicks and Jessie J performing????  Average age of the crowed looks to be 50-60ish.  Target audience???

We’ve switched over to watch QI instead.



Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver are going on a date in the season premiere. How do you avoid the TV trope that a hero can’t be with the woman he loves just because of his duty?
Kreisberg: When you see the premiere and you see how things shake out, you’ll come to a very sympathetic understanding of both of their positions. The premiere last year was a microcosm of what was happening for the whole year. In the same way that the premiere of last season was really about Oliver struggling with whether or not he should be the Arrow, in this season premiere it’s, “Can I have everything I want?” That quest is going to take up his entire year, and hers. (x)

more spoilers at the source (x)

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