So I don’t talk about my political views all that much on here but tomorrow is a hella big day for Scotland.  I’m honestly terrified.  I don’t want us to not be part of the UK.  I love Scotland, I am and always will be proud be to be Scottish but I honestly think a yes vote tomorrow will be the wrong choice.

A - Z of In The Flesh:

Give Back Scheme.

Giving something back to the society they once ravaged. It’s what everyone wants. Living and PDS alike. That’s why The Department of Partially Deceased Affairs is putting into action The PDS Give Back Scheme. An initiative that requires all PDS sufferers to go out into their local communities and volunteer in the private and public sector.

"Hawkeye, you there?"

"I’ve got eyes on you Nat, don’t worry."

Natasha rolled her eyes and fired a shot at one of the idiot guards who actually thought they could take her out.

"The only thing I’m worried about is your fragile little ego when I break your kill record down here."

The archer could not only see the smirk on his fellow assassins face but hear it in her voice.  He watched her mace a large gentleman in the face then take another out with a roundhouse kick to the head.  Another guard attempted to take advantage of Natasha’s momentary distraction but soon found that he had acquired an arrow to the chest.

"Big talk, Romanoff.  How ‘bout we turn this into a little wager?"

"Oh yeah? What do I win?"  The red head heard a very enjoyable crunch telling her she’d just shattered another guards nose.

"Loser has to steal Fury’s eyepatch - "

"Come on! that’s not even a challenge!"

There was a bark of laughter over the comms.

"Lemme finish, jeez.  Loser swipes the eyepatch and finds a way to blame it on Stark."

"Huh.  Okay, you’re on Barton.  Now get down here before you miss all the fun."

"Yes Ma’am" 

Well that brought on some unexpected sobbing.  Falling more in love with 12 and Clara’s brotp-ness every ep though.

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