More pregnant River. PLEASE
~ Anonymous

I might do some more pregnant River / time baby stuff at some point dear Anon, inspiration and time permitting :)

ugh back to college this morning.


So I started reading Wicked the other day and I just can’t even.  By the 3rd page there had been talk of castration, lesbians and an obvious threesome between the lion, scarecrow and tin man.

Baby’s first crime scene.

If anyone had been listening hard enough, they would have heard John Watson muttering to himself as he made his way to the crime scene Sherlock had texted him about.

"Bloody Sherlock bloody Holmes….doesn’t think other people actually have jobs to go to…"  Shaking his head in exasperation, John ducked under the tape that surrounded the entrance to the small basement flat and made his way inside.  He stopped in his tracks at the sight before him.  It wasn’t the body on the floor that caused him to stop, nor his best friend who was currently painstakingly scanning the room.  It was the little figure Lestrade held in his arms, clad in red raincoat and matching wellies.

"You brought Isabel to a crime scene?  You know Molly will have you thoroughly murdered if she finds out, right?"  John glanced at his best friend, he expression equally puzzled and amused.

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Unsolicited message so please don't think I'm weird but I have also only just gotten round to watching Luther properly and I feel like I'm way late to the party so it's very good to see somebody in the tag with such fresh enthusiasm for it! I want to get excited about it with people but they all watched it aaaaaages ago.

I’m glad i’m not the only one late to the Luther party :)

I spoke to a good friend of mine last night. If anything happens to Jenny or anything happens to me, she is gonna come for you with the wrath of God. She’ll take whatever you’ve got left to love and make you regret the day you ever came across my path.