They’d done it for love, because that was the effect love had on you. It snuck up on you, it grabbed hold of you before you knew it, and then there was nothing you could do. Once you were in it - in love - you would be swept away, regardless. Or so the books had it. || [x]

Why did I think it was a good idea to rewatch Babylon 5??? I hadn’t seen the final ep in about 6 years and now I remember why BECAUSE IT IS JUST PAIN AND TEARS AND NOTHING IS OK

This jumps backwards a little bit in my Hooper-Holmes family timeline. I haven’t really done much around Dominick’s babyhood yet. And Mycroft meeting his nephew for the first time was too cute not to write.

Uncle Mycroft.

"Be aware, brother mine that if you drop him I will dismember your body with your umbrella."

Mycroft Holmes rolled his eyes skyward while his younger brother placed the most precious of bundles into his arms.  The elder of the Holmes brothers turned a contemplative eye on his nephew.  Even at two weeks old Dominick Hooper-Holmes was unmistakeably the image of his father,  except for the ears and perhaps the slightly softer cheekbones.

Mycroft had never been much of a fan of babies, or children in general for that matter.  Not that he’d had all that much experience with them of course, other than his younger brother as a child.  The British Government suppressed a shudder at this remembrance of infant Sherlock.  The boy had been a ball of energy and noise, rarely sleeping and in need of constant attention.  Mycroft could only hope, for his sister-in-law’s sake that the child in his arms would be at least a little less of a whirlwind.

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“Entering the lower level of the TARDIS tomb, when Clara asked the Doctor if he loved River Song, he replied, “She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.””


Draft script of The Name of the Doctor, DWM guide to the 2013 series (via agelessdaughter)

#did i ask for any of this#no#here comes the best part tho: it’s a draft#and thank u moffat for striking this out#beecause a). i would’ve had a break down#and b). we never got the doctor’s avoidance to answer#bec if he told the truth#it would have hurt him too much#this being a draft is a good thing#IMAGINE IF IT WERE CANON#they’d have to write an ‘i love river so much’ scene#one big nope#this quote physically hurts me (via agelessdaughter)

 #That is the best part #because I think that Moffat set out to reveal the Doctor’s true feelings about the wife he never mentioned #it was a culmination #but Steven couldn’t get the words right #he couldn’t hear the Doctor’s voice in these drafts and maybe it’s because Steven was forcing something that wasn’t true to either the Doctor or River #just for those who kept wondering and doubting if the Doctor loved his wife #he placed Clara in the scene #but all he got was the Doctor revealing to Clara that 'River had always been better than him' #because THAT IS ALL the Doctor would ever say to anyone about his personal life #including a companion #and so Moffat scratched it #it was only until the final draft that he’d get it perfect #because no one was there to hear the revelation of just how much he loved River BUT THEM#just like it had always been #and THAT was the voice of the Doctor # and it was perfect(via riveralwaysknew)

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